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Lot # 75 - Lead coin of Tanjore Marathas
Lead coin of Tanjore Marathas
Lead coin of Tanjore Marathas
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MetalSilverYear (AH/VS/SE/AM)525-465
Full Description:
Marathas of Tanjore, Lead Coin, Obv: seated humped "Nandi (Lord Shiva's Bull)" facing towards right and on the top of Nandi is "Shiva Lingam", Rev: "ma (ha) ra (j)" in nagari legends with dotted borders at left, 3.46g, 13.2mm, (ref# coin no 12 at page no 13 of "Thanjavur Maratha Coins" by Seetharaman released in 2005), about extremely fine, Plate Coin, Exceedingly Rare, Unique!

This coin might be struck as the specimen issue to be used for the special occasion in Sivaganga region because most of the Sivagaga Nayakas's coins have the similar symbol of Nandi and Shiva Lingam. This piece is so far the only SURVIVING piece known among the collectors, Great Rarity.

A highly important numismatic masterpiece of Medieval South India Coinage as well as of Maratha Coinage in South India!