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Lot # 9 - Mulananda (1st AD), Lead (5), "Rajno Chutukulanamdasa", A Rare Collection of 5 Different types, (Mitch # Karnataka-Andhra 31), About Fine to Extremely Fine.
Mulananda (1st AD), Lead (5),
Mulananda (1st AD), Lead (5), Mulananda (1st AD), Lead (5),
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Mulananda (1st AD), Lead (5), Obv: 8-arched hill, with River Symbol below Brahmi Legend "Rajno Chutukulanamdasa"Rev: Tree in Complex railing with 12 Compartments, with Nandipada Symbol on Right,  A Rare Collection of 5 Different types, (Mitch # Karnataka-Andhra 31)About Fine to Extremely Fine.

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