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Lot # 17 - Silver Twenty Roubles of Belarus.
Silver Twenty Roubles of Belarus.
Silver Twenty Roubles of Belarus. Silver Twenty Roubles of Belarus.
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Quick Description
MetalSilver Year (AD)2008
Full Description:
Republic of Belarus, Silver 20 Roubles, 2008, "Belarusian Festivals and Rites" Series, This is to certify that the coin accompanied by this certificate is genuine, issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, and minted by "Mint of Lithuania", Obv: within the circular geometric ornament – the relief of the state coat of arms of the republic of belarus, in the center – a solar sign consisting of octagonal geometrical figure with elements of rhombic decor, symbolizing solar rays, beneath – year of issue, fine silver alloy standard, inscriptions along the rim – at the top "РЭСПУБЛIКА БЕЛАРУСЬ" (republic of belarus), at the bottom "ДВАЦЦАЦЬ РУБЛЁЎ" (twenty roubles), Rev: in the center – the relief image of the interior of the village hut with laid table of remembrance for the dead, at the top – above the entrance to hut the relief image of two angels holding a candle (on a silver coin there is an inset of artificial transparent crystal of orange color imitating flame), at the left–hand and in the right hand parts also at the top – relief elements of the belarusian national ornament with the motives of Soul, at the bottom – inscriptions along the rim: "DZYADY"31.1g, 38.61mm, UNC.
With Certificate

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